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  • Barbara Ann Kinghorn

TIME TO READ - Reading corners here, there and everywhere!

Bibliophiles of all stripes: stay in our reader-friendly Cottage and look forward to losing yourselves in a nice, fat, hard-copy text again!


You read all over the place these days, that people just don’t READ any more. They might browse, they do scan, they peruse, they skim, flip through, glance at, flick through, dip into – or don’t bother. They’ll even dismiss your online writing with a snarky TL;DR (“Too Long; Didn't Read”)...

Bookworms are the best!

WE know that there are still lots of lovely people out there with bookish tastes, because they stay with us in The Cottage and The Suite!

  • BIBLIOMANIACS bring their caches of precious tomes, first editions, Modern Firsts and autographed best sellers

  • AVID READERS catch up with their book club reads

  • E-READER READERS, with their Kindles and tablets and other devices, use our stable, FREE uncapped WIFI with impunity.

When it comes to our preferred pastimes, we're an open book! We recommend following this 'simple cottage recipe' for a good read:

  1. Feel at home

  2. Choose your Best Book

  3. Find your Nook

  4. Ignore the clocks

  5. Ready?

  6. Steady?

  7. READ!

  8. ENJOY!

Your reading matter matters - BYOB, or pick one of ours?

Please don’t hesitate to bring a whole stash of your own books on holiday with you – or only one, if you’ve been reading War and Peace for the last two years, 2 pages a night before you fall asleep: your Cottage stay will be your chance to read to the finish!

Do you keep meaning to read Madiba’s The Long Walk to Freedom? – well, it’s here, waiting for you! (On the South African book shelf in the couch corner of the Lounge.)

VINTAGE SOUTH AFRICAN MAGAZINES are available in another corner - on all kinds of subjects, including military history and maritime news.

We also have CHILDREN’S BOOKS and magazines in the children’s room.

We encourage Reading ADD-ventures for your youngsters!

“gogoB’s ADD-ventures at Coral Tree Cottage always start with a story”.

A Reading ADD-venture starts with the children choosing the books they want to read; Barbara then sets each Coral Tree Reader an appropriate reading challenge.

If they succeed, they receive a mystery reward!


“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that’s kind of the same thing!”

If you're looking for something else to read, or even just feel like browsing, we're always quick to recommend Mundy's Book Exchange in Cape Road. Do yourself a favour, and struggle to choose a book at Mundy’s. You’ll probably find the best solution is not to buy one, but to succumb and buy all the ones you fancy!

BUY ONE (or 2 or 5 or 10!) FROM MUNDY’S!

  • Prices start at just R5 per book!

  • Children’s books are also available, at prices between R10 and R50


Physical Address:

73A Cape Road, Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha, 6006


MON - FRI: 9am to 4.30pm

SAT: 8.30am to 1pm

SUN: Closed

Phone: 041 373 8520


Thank you for reading this blog post. Please use the Social Media links below if you'd like to share it onward, and if you have any comments or questions you are most welcome to contact Coral Tree Guest House at


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